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So, I was in Bath last Friday for the opening of Within Without You, one of the group shows taking place at The Pet Store in Bath as part of the 2012 Fringe festival. I’d decided to show my Sugar Glider vs Octopus painting and a drawing I did of an owl prior to our ending up at the fitting animal-related venue, interestingly. I just googled it to see if there is any history on the place that I could drop some knowledge on. Mysteriously not. Here is a photo of the entrance though, and I’m super glad to be showing art here:

Speaking of animals, I found a nice little Italian spot where I had a luxurious dinner of cow meat. I ended up at a bar later and saw this though:

Maybe next time.

I was literally running to go pick up a sculpture for the show when I decided to stop and take a photo of the lovely scenery, and given I was sort of still running when I took the photo, it’s surprising that the photo is not blurred and actually not badly composed. Bath is full of picturesque scenery like this:

So, here’s a few photos of the show.. (by the way, if you click on the images, they get bigger)

Our two rooms with a hug in the middle

That winning art-and-alcohol combo

My bits

Guy photographing Mandie's wallpiece while her floorcreature observes his crotch

Mandie Saw

Action shot, room 2. Fun for all the family.

Mercedes Gil in a moment with her works.

Lady writing on the floor as part of a piece in another show taking place downstairs

It was good to catch up with a few of the Outside In and Step Up cohorts. Massive respect to Brian Robert Gibson for putting us all on and bringing this all together. Unfortunately I received a sharp instant pain in my lower back while painting a skirting board earlier in that day and am trying to recover from it now. Hope to be back in action asap.

The show continues until June 10th, so go check out Bath and the Fringe festival in the next couple of weeks if you aren’t too far away. Weather has been pleasant, so perhaps check out the open air natural mineral spring water pool at the Bath spas.. I did, it wasn’t half bad.

Until next time…..


Eggsciting Occurrences





Eggsciting Occurrences 

Several eggs have hatched as of late.

Firstly, I have been running a few workshops for both Hans Feibusch Club and Step Up, both having taken place at Pallant House Gallery in Chichester. It’s been great fun and I hope to do more workshops soon. The Feibusch workshops were based on my own design and we looked at the work of Nick Blinko, Wesley Willis, Daniel Johnston, and Don Van Vliet, exploring the relationship between visual art and music when existing within a single person, and the way subconsciously, or consciously, often similar processes are used through the different mediums, due to the characteristics in one’s personality. In the Step Up workshop, we looked at the work of Pat Douthwaite and spent the morning drawing and painting with our ‘alternate hands’ in order to free up and execute the work from a different place. It can be quite enjoyable. Try it if you wish..

The image below of Wesley Willis’s lyrics mirrors the structures of his songs, and the way his lyrics are written also reflect his systematic drawing style. An example of how process is similarly applied throughout his output.

In other news, I seem to have found myself absorbed into a form of popularity contest. I first entered the Saatchi Online Showdown competition back in 2007 and realized that unless I was going to fully campaign to get all sorts of people to vote for me, there was no chance of ‘winning’. I think what happened this time was the competition is solely based on drawings and upon seeing this, for whatever reason I felt like entering a drawing in a momentarily passive state of activity. I didn’t look back at it until it came to my attention via email again a couple of weeks later, and I was made aware that I was in 364th place of 1200. Also, I discovered the top 300 make it to the next phase of voting, the jury vote. So I had a sort of incentive to apply further effort, having achieved this placement without telling a single soul about it, getting only votes from random people on the site thus far. The result of my asking for votes, and actually enjoyably connecting with people I may not correspond with often and having this little reason to underlying, was my floating between 128-270, which has been fluctuating quite dramatically, but remaining in the top 300. This public voting phase ends tomorrow sometime, so if anyone is reading this and hasn’t voted and would care to, please click here   It’s my little over-loaded man again.


Lastly, but certainly not least, some of my work will be shown with the Running Horse Contemporary Arts Space at stand G3 alongside works by Rasha Kahil, Hiba Kalache and Alfred Tarazi from October 20 -23rd at the Slick 11 art fair taking place at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris. I wonder how much has changed since I was last there as a pre-pubescent. I will find out and try to work through my more than ambitious list of places to go in the little time I have there. Private view is tomorrow (18th Oct) and I guess the 19th might be open to some people too somehow.


That’s all for now.. I will leave you with this little vagina I painted a month or so ago, come in if you wish. haw haw haw.

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